8 Old Fashioned Money Saving Tips That Work

8 money saving tips

8 Old Fashioned Money Saving Tips. Saving money is something we ALL know we need to do, and maybe do better. I know there is always room for improvement! Finding simple ways to cut back is one way you can do that. Creating habits that have worked for generations and finding a way to be more responsible (and grateful) with what we have. As a stay-at-home-moms, we can do so much to help save/make money for the family. For more information about building a business from home Click Here.

8 old fashioned money


8 old fashioned money saving tips!

1. Be Patient

Buy something only when you can afford it. I’m positive you’ve header the saying… “Cash on the barrel”  You don’t need to go into debt just because lack of patients. Dave Ramsey always likes to give the example of Christmas. You know Christmas comes. Every year. you know when it’s coming up to the day. Yet, come November people are panicked about Christmas. Like nobody told them it’s this year! Christmas isn’t a surprise or an emergency. It’s something you can plan head for. Want’s are the same way. If you still want it in a month or two (or longer) than it’s probably a good perches. When you buy something (not important) in the moment you, end up getting things that you really don’t want or need. You emotions are controlling your money, and that’s a scary thought…

2. Follow Your Budget

Budgets are there to help you tell your money where to go. Without a budget your money is wild and blows around in the wind and before you know it it’s gone. The thing is, budgets give you freedom to spend without guilt. It also creates a structure to achieve your short and long term goals. Click Here to learn about the budgeting program that we use, and made this step almost fun!

 3. Shop With A List

Go the the store with a plan, especially shopping with children. Its amazing how big a difference this step makes! If you don’t have a clear plan for your shopping trip, what will and will not be purchased, children see no problem with asking for Item A, B, C and right on through Z. It’s easier to say no when you have a good reason to give them. A simple answer like “no sweetie not today, It’s not on my list” gives your little one in his/her mind a good reason why your saying no. Lists also protect your budget. Iv’e seen a huge difference in this area! I never used to shopping list, and my grocery bill never was very constant. Then you get home and realize you forgot the ONE thing you really needed. Plan your meals, Wright a list, Be prepared.

4. Cloth Diapers

I don’t know about you, but I love cloth diapers! The are cute (yes I think there cute!) affordable and better for your baby.  It’s absolutely crazy how expensive disposables are. They do have there place I must say… I keep one box in the house for “emergency’s” or when I know I wont have a place to wash cloth diapers, like on a road trip or something. But if they are the only thing you are using, your spending on average on disposable diapers for one baby from birth to potty training is about $2400 OUCH! It’d feel like you got a raise going to cloth diapers. One investment in good quality cloth diapers will last you years and for multiple children. (post coming up soon about cloth diapers) I recommend prefolds and covers. Easy to clean, dry and affordable. Green Mountain Diapers.com is the place to get them!

5. Use Less Convenience Products or Services 

Convenience products like paper plates, paper towels, disposable diapers, convenience food, and services you can do yourself can be lived without. There is something to be said about doing things the old fashioned way. Not everything I mention above needs to be eliminated, there is a place for it, and taking advantage of the wonderful ways of convenience is a blessing when it’s appropriate. Lets face it. Convenience is expensive. If your trying to fine ways to cut back in your budget, living without the comforts of convenience for a short time is a small price to pay! haha no pun intended 😛

6. Make More Money

Sounds easy, right? Well, if life gives you lemons make lemonade! For most people there is nothing holding them back to make a few more bucks. Stay-at-home-moms have a very unique privilege in this case. Finding something you enjoy, and make the most of it. Maybe your really creative, than starting and Etsy shop would be right down your ally. Maybe you have a skill like music to offer someone. Have people come to your house for lessons.  There are so many home based business opportunity’s  stay-at-home-moms can do.  You can run it right there at home with your children.  Young Living has an amazing home business opportunity. Click Here to see how Young Living has changed others financial needs. 

7. Save Your Pennies

“A penny saved is a penny earned” Keep a jar to fill with loose change. When it’s full cash it out! Shop around for better prices on something if your in the market for buying something. Open you’r windows on a nice day and off the a/c or heat. If you have the space you can even put up a clothesline and give your pour dryer a break for part of the year. I’m going to hang dry all my diapers. Sunning your diapers is the best way for getting out smells and stains. Not to mention it’s a good excuse to get outside! Saving on utility’s is small, but effective.

8. Enjoy Free Activity’s

There are so many ways to have fun without spending money. Most kids would have a blast just playing outside with some sticks and rocks. Getting dirty is part of the fun I must warn you! Be creative and find free or cheep activity’s to do. This time of being frugal in your life has a way of bring out the creativity in people! Look in the bright side of your situation. Your children are watching and learning form you. If they see you being grateful for what you have, they learn to be grateful as well. It’s a sweet thing to see and will bless your heart! Sorry, the southern in me always finds a way out hehe.

I hope this was helpful and you got some good ideas on saving money in all kinds of different ways. Have fun with it!

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