5 Reasons Why Having Goals Together Strengthens Your Marriage and You Finances

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Having Goals Together


5 Reasons Why Having Goals Together Strengthens Your Marriage And Your Finances.

I remember when Ben and I got married we didn’t really have a budget for anything, and our goals were not very specific. I guess that is pretty normal for most newlyweds just getting used to their new life together. But I really didn’t like just living day to day with no real plan for our family.

When it comes to money, we have tried several different ways of handling our income. That’s just part of the journey of finances. Its finding what works for your and your family. Every couple needs to do what’s best for their family. Setting goals as husband and wife has been the MOST valuable thing we have done in this area of our life.  I understand every couple will do things differently, for example… In our family I take care of all the bill paying etc, but in your family that may be your husbands strong suite. Whatever works! The beautiful thing about it, is that you and your husband are on the same page.

Goals together

#1 Set Mutual Goals Together Sort and Long Term

This is so powerful. You know the saying… “two are better than one” set specific goals together. It’s such a sweet felling knowing that your best friend is fighting for the same goal right next to you. This adds a level of accountability for each other. When Ben and I don’t agree on something we can step back from the situation and gently remind one another “babe we’re on the same team” and form there after the emotion has passed, you have a clearer picture of how to handle the situation and where your headed. Sit down with your spouse, and set specific goals together both short and long term. When you both have mutual goals anything is possible.

#2 Goals Need to be Measurable

You have to have something to measure your success from. You can’t just say “we want to reduce our expenses” if you don’t have a way to measure you progress. Without a way to measure your success you miss out on the celebration that comes with knowing you have actually achieved something. Everyone starts somewhere, and you need to see where you are coming from.

#3 Personal Goals

Having personal goals is very important. You need to set them for yourself. For example, you can’t want your husband to loose weight more than he does. It just won’t work! It has to be a personal goal to be driven to accomplish it. Now if your spouse wants to buy a new truck, that is something he is going to work towards. As his wife, that may not be a priority for you. But being supportive and respectful of his desires will mean more to him than you think. I know it feels good to me when he’s interested in what’s important to me. Tell each other your goals, being open with each other is so important. When someone makes a sacrifice to help your reach you goal, it is the humblest feeling. Think of it as a way to show the love of Christ to your spouse. Stand up and be there for one another.

#4 Time Limit

When you set a goal, you need to have somewhat of a time frame otherwise it’s just a dream. Now I’m not talking about a set due date exactly, that may be a good thing for some goals. But what I mean is, you need to set some kind a time frame to work towards. It’s good because it changes your mind set for the ‘now’ to reach something for the ‘future’.  “You will hit what you aim at. If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”  -Dave Ramsey I love this quote! It couldn’t be any truer.  There is no short cut to a place worth going. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t reach your goal it in the time you planed. Adjust and move on.

#5 Have It in Writing

Wright your goals down. Both mutual and personal. The physical act of writing them down makes them real and tangible. You have no reason to forget if it’s on paper. It simply is just another way of being accountable and to track your progress. Be intentional as you write them down, use the word “will” instead of “would like to” remember this is a goal not just a dream. Using positive words that express an action or a commitment are more motivating. Here is a great free printable to help get your thoughts on paper.


When you and your husband are on the same page you can accomplish anything! Money is a good place to make sure both of you are on the same page. Look at the currant situation and start taking steps to improve it. Setting goals is exciting and even more exciting when you reach them. Have fun with in presses and remember you’re on the same team. 

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